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T T E E C C H H N N O O L L O O G G Y Y | | I I N N N O V AT I O N STATEMENT OF THE PREMIER WALL SYSTEM A Masonry Advisory Council Publication a leading provider of masonry intelligence Photovoltaic Brick can it generate enough energy to power a building? Rethinking Rethinking Economics Economics of of Reinforced Reinforced Masonry Masonry New Standard for Strength the Exceptional f' m m = 1500 psi Say Goodbye to WALL SYSTEM at Mitigating Moisture SMITH CROSSING R EADER EADER S URVEY URVEY Robust Agendas of NCMA | MCAA BIA’s New Leaders Brick Industry Answers Environmental Challenges Exterior Enclosures AIA/CES-HSW Credit IN THIS ISSUE V O L 7 N O 1 2 0 1 2 $ 8 VOL NO 2012 $8

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