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Tribology and Lubrication Technology May 2017 : Cover

TLT TRIBOL OGY & L UBRICA TION TECHNOL OGY SYSTEMS, STRATEGIES & RESEARCH FOR LUBRICATION PROFESSIONALS AN PUBLICATION | MAY 2017 Propelling Marine Lubricants Created with the cooperation of lube manufacturers, U.S. standard VGP 2013 is creating a greener (and bluer) future. 13 YEARS of publishing excellence New Grease Technologies Q&A with CITGO’s David Turner Reliability Centered Maintenance How U-boats changed history Emerging Trends Report II An industry in transition Cooling Gear Drives Elements of a good system Job-Interviewing Techniques Ending on a high note 2017 Annual Meeting Exhibitor and Sponsor Lists STLE Annual Meeting App Digital TLT: Sponsored this month by Bruker at

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